Sometimes we stay with a dentist for reasons of habit and not because they provide us with a great service. The fact you are looking at our website suggests you are looking for a change and we promise you wont be disappointed.

Gnosall Dental has been providing dental care for more years than we would like to admit. The wellbeing of our patients is of the utmost importance to us and we provide treatment with a preventive approach because prevention really is better than the cure.

At your first appointment with Gnosall Dental, Channa Herath will carry out:

  • A medical and dental history
  • Discuss any problems you have with your teeth, gums and oral health

A thorough examination including

  • Oral cancer screening and soft tissue check
  • Gentle gum assessment
  • Examination of your teeth and existing restorations
  • Dental x-rays and any special tests required

He will discuss any questions you have over your treatment options and if on departure from the surgery you have further questions you are welcome to call and discuss them

Our patients enjoy an unhurried service, which allows Channa to get a better, more in depth understanding of their mouths.

If you would like to make an appointment please call us on 01785 822948.